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With 40 years in the business, Baird Maritime’s global combined audience reach is over 200,000 and is well-known and trusted within the industry.

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Target your audience with precision with a variety of packages available that enable you to geo-target, category target and more so you reach the most profitable people.


Our writers are all experts in their fields, and in many cases are famous faces from their industry sector. Your quality products or services next to the best content = a perfect match!

Commercial mariners rely on partners, reviews and recommendations when making key purchase decisions for your high-quality products and services.

News and reviews on all the equipment, services and materials that drive all aspects of the global commercial marine industries.

360-Degree Coverage of the Entire Commercial Maritime Industry

Drawing on almost 40 years of publishing Work Boat World magazine, this section of the site is the magazine’s ideal counterpart, breaking the most important news from the offshore, tug and salvage, passenger transportation, maritime security and marine projects sectors.


Fishing and its up-and-coming counterpart aquaculture are a critical component of the world’s food supply. is there to catch all the catching, processing, regulation and enforcement developments affecting this unique industry.

All the latest news, opinion and speculation from the industry that drives the world economy. 

Your window into the ups and downs of the box ship, tanker, dry cargo and port sectors.


Gain Direct Access to Captivated Audiences From The All The Most Important World Maritime Regions

From the mega-ports of Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo to the inland waterways of Borneo and Bangladesh, Baird Maritime is truly the voice of the lucrative and growing Asian marine industries and has been for decades. 

With the ear of the entire region’s operators, builders and designers, if it’s happening in maritime Asia, you’ll hear about it first on Baird Maritime.



With its incredible maritime history and resulting connections throughout the world, Europe is the maritime world’s powerhouse, and Baird Maritime has always maintained a significant presence in all its maritime centres. 

Across shipping, work boats of all kinds, and fishing and aquaculture, European companies are leaders in manufacturing, design, operations and services in every aspect of the industry.


The pioneers of the Middle East maritime trade show industry, Baird Maritime was the first international maritime media company to have a significant presence in the Middle East, and remains to this day the most trusted source of news in the region, with connections at every level.

As the world’s most powerful country, foreign policy decisions out of the US have significant ramifications worldwide, particularly regarding shipping, maritime security and energy.

Many American companies are global players in equipment manufacturing and services, and its northern neighbour Canada also boasts some of the world’s biggest marine names.



Baird Maritime grew up with many of the world-leading companies that were founded in this sparsely populated but maritime-focused region, and has strong ties throughout. 

The island nations of Oceania punch well above their weight in the maritime sphere, and are often at the forefront of innovation in the maritime world.

While neglected by most of the maritime media, shipping, port development, maritime tourism, offshore oil and gas, fishing and aquaculture, and all maritime fields are equally important to Africa and Latin America, and Baird Maritime has always had an ear to the ground there, reporting on all important maritime developments.


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Advertise to the World’s Biggest Commercial Maritime Audience

Reach over 251,550 captivated commercial vessel operators, builders, designers and suppliers who rely on every single month

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